Frequently Asked Questions

What program curriculum does Reborn Warrior use?

Our curriculum is a combination of practical and spiritual life principles gleaned and taught from instructor experience as well as an implementation of various resources and biblical guidelines.
Instructors lead participants through training sessions, helping them explore issues of faith, family, healing, coping skills, and general life principles. In addition to the curriculum, program resources feature material by internationally acclaimed teachers such as Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University, The Home Experience by Devi Titus, The Teleios Man by Larry Titus and other resources that are utilized for the sessions.

How long is each session?

Individual Session 30 min or 1 hour
Half Day 9:00-12:30
Full Day 9:00-4:30

How much does a session cost?

Our sessions are free of charge to military service members and first responders and their families.
Fee based sessions are also available to non-military men and women (those who are not first responders or in the armed forces). Fees are set by quantity of training sessions selected.

What are the daily program schedules for ½ Day or Full Day?

Where will sessions be held?

Sessions will be conducted at our Reborn Warrior freedom house located in Franklin, TN. The freedom house is specifically designed to make our guests feel like they have come home. It has been carefully set up to reflect a warm inviting and peaceful atmosphere where men and women can gain refreshment, encouragement, and hope in looking forward to the future.

Is housing provided?

No. During your scheduled visit, you will need to make arrangements at one of our local hotels for your overnight accommodations if you do not live nearby. Here are a few of the hotels we recommend:

What does Reborn Warrior believe about spiritual warfare?

As a Christian organization, Reborn Warrior believes that spiritual warfare is real and that prayer plays an important role in healing and spiritual growth. Our emphasis is on the power of God’s love and implementation of practical life skills and biblical principles to help hurting service men and women strengthen themselves and their families.

What should I bring for my day at the freedom house?

The most important thing to bring is YOU. Just come ready to receive. Attire is casual.

Is there childcare?

We do not provide childcare during your visit to the Reborn Warrior facility. We respect and honor families and will have scheduled events throughout the year to accommodate the whole family, but during planned training sessions, we request that you plan for your children not to accompany you.