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Israel Trip 2016

Freedom House Georgetown 2015

Military and First Responders Event

Freedom House Georgetown 2014

Reborn Warrior Welcomes Brian Mast


“Scott and Heidi Cunningham, Founders of Reborn Warrior, are courageous pioneers forging a path to strengthen and bring healing to our U.S. military and first responder families, as well as, Israeli Defense Forces soldiers, widows & orphans.  Reborn Warrior exemplifies faith in God, freedom for all, sanctity of life, and uniting a strong America and Israel together.  Scott and Heidi are guided by their love and passion for those who honorably sacrifice and serve God and Country.”

U.S. Congressman (Arizona)
Upholding Life, Faith, Family, Freedom, and The Constitution
Serves many caucuses, including Military Families, Israel Allies, International Religious Freedom, Caucus on Orphans & Vulnerable Children, and Coalition on Adoption and Foster Youth.

Trent Franks

“I have the utmost respect for Reborn Warrior and their mission to strengthen our U.S. Soldiers and First Responders.  Thank you, Scott and Heidi, and the Reborn Warrior team, for caring for these families who have sacrificed so much.  May those who find their way to your Freedom House, find the healing and restoration that they need to move forward.”

U.S. Congressman (Florida)
U.S. Army Bomb Specialist
Recipiant of the Army Commendation Medal of Valor, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Defense Meritorious Service Medal.
Israel Defense Forces Volunteer

Brian Mast

“Scott and Heidi Cunningham’s Reborn Warrior is a heartwarming ministry to Israeli families that have suffered the loss of a military family member.  Every day Israel must defend its right to exist as a sovereign nation.  Reborn Warrior helps families recover from the pain of losing a family member in this struggle.  I pray that The Lord will bless this ministry and my dear friends Scott and Heidi.”

Founding Director of the Yad Vashem Christian Office in Jerusalem, Israel
Author, “The Holy One of Israel and His Chosen People”
Chaplain, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

Rev. Sam Clarke


Sol Teichman

Reborn Warrior solutes our dear friend, a holocaust survivor and one of the most honorable men we have had the pleasure to meet. Please listen to his story, “The Long Journey Home”.

Hope Threatens Darkness

Hope Threatens Darkness

A little bit of hope can go a long way. Hope is stronger than fear, depression, brokenness, anxiety, pain, and suicide. Hope is what keeps someone going when they have no plausible reason to continue on. Hope is one of the greatest threats to darkness. Today is...

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5 Truths

5 Truths

If you are battling depression or suicidal ideation, this is for you. If you know someone who is struggling, this may help you to understand his or her struggle. Some people are fortunate to have these words spoken over their life; others are not. Regardless of the...

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The Heart of the House

The Heart of the House

It has officially been a year since I’ve joined the team at All True Ministries. When I said “yes” to becoming an employee with Scott and Heidi, I said “yes” to their heart, which, outside of their children, is All True Ministries. We, as a team, didn’t quite know...

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