Reborn Warrior has created programs to strengthen the women, men, and families of those who serve.

Women’s Programs

We believe women hold a special place in the family. For this reason, Reborn Warrior focuses our first efforts on strengthening women service members, as well the wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and caregivers of those who have served. As women are strengthened, so are the men, children, and families that they love. Here is a list of our current programs to choose from.

  • Essential Life Principles
  • Help, Healing, Hope
  • Spiritual Life
  • Embracing Your Beauty
  • Home & Hospitality
  • Financial Peace & Prosperity
  • Strength/Gift Testing
  • Wisdom from the Past – A Roadmap for the Future

Men’s Programs

Reborn Warrior honors the men who serve.  They are heroes; fathers, brothers, sons, protectors of their families and homes.  Our goal is to meet their needs and help to bring healing and wholeness to their lives.  This is accomplished through prayer, partnerships, services, and training. One of the training tools used is teachings from Larry Titus and “The Telios Man”.

“You were made to be complete, whole. You can be The Teleios Man! Larry Titus wrote this book for men just like you — men who desperately need someone who will believe in them, encourage them, disciple them, and empower them to be godly, mature, balanced husbands, fathers, and leaders. Get ready to believe in and unleash the man you were born to be!”

A movement to restore hope in your fight against darkness.

Every service and item that comes out of this nonprofit is meant to be a reminder that hope is stronger than your darkness.

Your darkness may be different than somebody else’s, but together we can overcome fear, anxiety, abuse, depression, and suicide. We are all broken in some way, but brokenness does not mean that you are damaged or worthless. God is the mender of broken things, He restores the hurts of the darkness and infuses them with Hope. Your broken pieces then become a banner of victory, a reminder to the enemy that #HopeWins.

Hope for the Broken offers the following:


  • Trauma Counseling
  • PTSD Therapy
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Hope Gift’s

Trade Skills – Coming Soon

Reborn Warrior will soon be introducing The Service Force Academy that will be used to train the service industry.

Dave Ramsey has kindly donated Financial Peace University to help us train individuals and families to live a life of financial freedom and wisdom.